Our History

University of the Third Age Manningham (U3A Manningham) was formed following a meeting initiated by the then Doncaster & Templestowe Council and commenced activity in October 1991 when 12 classes were offered to about 35 members.

The U3A Manningham Story

This is the story of U3A Manningham from the first meeting in 1991 to December 2016, the 25th anniversary, written in easy-to-read style.
The story is in three parts:

A dedicated group of members (Leslie Dale, Heather Ambrose, Bridget Halge, Quintin Coutinho and Anoop Chauhan) compiled Part 3 – At the Pines – covering the years 2009 to 2016.
Maggie Gardner converted and formatted the story to PDF

The Project Archive

The Project Archive is a collection of copies of original documents that were used as source information for the story. The archive is a series of three large zip files. Clicking on the archive links below will send the folder to the download system of your computer. This will normally appear as a download notification at the bottom of your screen and save the folder in your Downloads folder.