Humans of U3A

Stories are a universal language; they can bring people together and help create a stronger sense of community.

At U3A we recognise that members have many moving stories, amazing histories, and incredible wisdom. We hear it daily as we wander through The Pines corridors. To capture more about our inspiring members, we are introducing a new feature into the newsletter, Humans of U3A, where funny, inspiring and/or moving personal stories and journeys will be shared.

Based on the world-acclaimed Humans of New York model, Humans of U3A will provide members with an opportunity to engage in heartfelt conversations with one of our talented editorial reporters to unpack their lives, passions, proudest moments and what’s important in this ever-changing world. Each personal piece will provide insights into the people we share our courses and programs with each week and, who knows, you may find a connection that may surprise you.

If you want to be a part of this brilliant new initiative, send an email to and one of our team will be in touch. We are looking forward to hearing all your stories.

Editorial Team