Enrolment FAQ

When can I enrol?

Enrolments open in mid-November for the following year. Detail of the dates can be found on the Enrolment Dates page.

Enrolments are only open to members who have paid their subscription for the relevant year, and who have the appropriate Priority Level for the date of the application. It is advisable to pay your membership fees on-line at least 24 hours prior to enrolling in classes to ensure that membership details are correct on the system.

Further details of the priority system can be found on the Volunteer System page.

What is my priority level?

If you have a Priority Level for enrolments, it will be found on your Membership Status page when you login to the MyU3A portal. It will be shown there as a Priority Score, and your Priority Level can be calculated by subtracting that Score from 5. [EG If the Priority Score is 3, then the Priority Level is (5-3) = 2]

At enrolment time during November, the priority list for all members will be displayed on the noticeboard outside the U3AM Office.

Are there prerequisites for enrolling?

Most classes and groups have no prerequisites, though some active classes may suggest an appropriate fitness level.

Where prior experience is recommended (including computer and language classes), this will be set out in the course description.

How many classes can I choose?

A maximum of three classes may be chosen during the initial enrolment period. By introducing this limit it is hoped to make classes available to as many members as possible. This restriction will be lifted in mid-January when members will be able to enrol or join the waitlist for additional classes.

Only two classes may be chosen from courses listed as Restricted. These are classes that have traditionally had long waiting lists. The restriction may be lifted in Term One if places become available.

In some cases, only one class of a particular type may be chosen. This will be set out clearly in the course description.

What is the Waitlist?

If the course status is “Wait list”, it means the class is full, but you may enrol on a waiting list. We recommend you do so, because it’s not unusual for class members to drop out during the year, or even before the course commences. When this occurs, the next person on the Waitlist will be contacted and offered a place in the class.

While you are waitlisted, you may not attend the class.

Can I enrol in a course after it has begun?

In most cases, yes, subject to available places and tutor approval. 

However, some classes where the format is progressive (some computer classes, for example) may be closed to newcomers beyond a set date, and no new members will be taken into these classes after that date, even if a vacancy occurs.

Is there a fee for each course?

No. Once you have paid your membership fees, there are no additional charges to enrol. Some courses may require the purchase of class materials, e.g. a language text book, or a contribution to photocopying costs. If an activity involves attendance at an outside venue which incurs a cost, e.g. a café, theatre or gallery, that will be at your own expense.

Where are the classes held?

Many classes are held at our base in The Pines Learning and Activity Centre, but many are also held in a variety of community venues.

See the Course Descriptions for details for each class and see the Venues Page for details of the location of each venue.

How often do classes run?

Most classes run each week for four terms during term times. Most run for 80-minute sessions between 9:00am and 4:30pm.

Where classes are not held weekly, they will usually be held on specified weeks in the month. (EG “2nd & 4th Monday” would refer to the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month during term times.

See the Course Descriptions for full details for each course.

How do I take part in a Zoom class?

If your class is to be delivered on Zoom, you will receive a separate email a few days before the first class, containing the Zoom link. To join the session, simply click on the link in the email. You should not need to open your Zoom app.

If you cannot find the email, search for emails from auto@myu3a.net. We recommend you save the email where you can easily find it again, as the same link will be used for every class. 

What course content issues should I be aware of?

All material presented in classes is at the discretion of the tutor/group leader and does not necessarily reflect the views of U3A Manningham. Members are solely responsible for the choices they make. Course summaries indicate the content to be covered; members should seek clarification from the tutor if required.

What participation issues should I consider?

Members are solely responsible for their own level of participation in any exercise, performance or activity, especially where physical ability and health status are concerned.