Thank You Milly Ching for Your Years of Volunteer Service

Milly Ching has served on the Committee of Management for 10 years and her overall contribution in several areas of U3AM spans 14 years. Although she is retiring from the Committee of Management, she will continue to volunteer her time and services in other areas, particularly in Curriculum.  For this we express our heartfelt appreciation.

Milly joined U3A Manningham in 2010. Hers is a long history of generous service:

  • She joined U3AM in 2010 and volunteered as a class representative six months after she started.  At the commencement of Summer School she taught a short course, “Chinese Home Cooking Made Easy”. She taught this course three years in a row for three rounds of Summer School. 
  • In mid-2012 Milly took up the position of Deputy Coordinator in the Curriculum Committee. 
  • In 2014 she became the Curriculum Manager, working with a team of experienced volunteers.  Milly was guided and supported by Tanya Gogorosis and became more confident with the role while new volunteers joined the team.  Her role as the manager was to oversee the smooth running of the courses offered by U3AM, at the same time, providing support to the curriculum team members, assisting when required.  New tutors were constantly recruited to develop a variety of courses to meet the needs of our members. 

Milly’s reflections are about the progressive changes at U3AM:

For the past ten years as Curriculum Manager I was involved in a number of changes.  The change over from paper copies to electronic entries took time for members to get used to, but over time they became more confident in using technology as a form of communication. I consider this an outstanding achievement, especially during COVID when classes were held online.  I have mentored several new team members in helping to familiarise them with their roles and in providing ongoing support for them.  Most importantly I gained a lot of good friends and met a lot of wonderful tutors who are so versatile and dedicated in the way they deliver interesting and exciting courses to our members.”

We thank Milly for her long years of dedicated volunteer service to U3A Manningham and look forward to many more years of her generous contribution.

Shirley Fung