Thank You Ruth Foxwell For Your Years of Volunteer Service

Ruth Foxwell has served on the Committee of Management under three different Presidents:  Bryce Normoyle, Geoff Sheldon and David McNamara, over the past years, and her overall contribution in several areas of U3AM spans 13 years. Although she is retiring from the Committee of Management, she will continue to volunteer her time and services in other areas. For this we express our heartfelt appreciation.

Ruth joined U3A Manningham around 2010. Hers is a long history of generous service:

  • She was Office Manager for a couple of years commencing as a raw recruit.
  • After relinquishing the position of Office Manager, she took up tutoring in Basic Computers from 2015 to 2018.
  • After tutoring, and working as an office reception volunteer, she saw how busy Enrolment Manager Warwick Wright was and offered to help him in enrolments. Over a coffee or two with Warwick, the U3AM email account, Enrolment Help, was born.   From then on Ruth held the position of Deputy Enrolment Manager until after a restructure when she was voted into the position of Enrolment Manager.  She remained in this position until retiring at the AGM in March 2024.

  Ruth has fond reflections of her years at U3AM.  

I can thank Bryce Normoyle for talking me into joining U3A Manningham, and then into the Office Manager and Enrolment Manager jobs not long afterwards. I remember enrolling in Petanque which I thoroughly enjoyed, playing in the gravel car park in George Street which was quite a challenge compared to the purpose-built piste at DISC for today’s members.  Line dancing was another favourite as was table tennis. Holding the position of Office Manager required me to attend monthly Committee of Management meetings where I was fortunate to work with three different presidents and many different committee members over time.   
In all of my roles at Manningham U3A, I am pleased to say that I have made some wonderful life-long friends. My intention is to still be around enrolments and after some arm-twisting by back-office Team Leader Joan French, I hope to be available to fill in if and when members of the current e-team are absent. I would like to wish Lyverne Newson all the very best in her new role as Enrolment Supervisor. Lyverne will work closely with the e-team and also with Doug Wallace, Enrolments and Data Base Manager, and deputise for him at Committee of Management meetings when required.”

We thank Ruth for her long years of dedicated volunteer service to U3A Manningham and look forward to many more years of her generous contribution.

Shirley Fung