Committee of Management

Committee Members

PresidentDavid McNamara
Vice PresidentShirley Fung
SecretaryLyn Davies
TreasurerBryce Normoyle
Office ManagerRobyn Buttling
Curriculum ManagerMilly Ching
Enrolment ManagerRuth Foxwell
Maintenance ManagerTerry Smith
Database ManagerWarwick Wright
Enrolments and Data ManagementDouglas Wallace
Network NDS AdministratorQuintin Coutinho
Communications Manager and WebmasterNeville Cook
Special Assistant to the COMDavid Jensz (Co-opted)
Course PlanningTanya Gogorosis (Co-opted)
Functions AdministrationGraeme Martin (Co-opted)
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Other Responsibility Positions

Coordinator of Volunteers: Heather Ambrose

IT&E Committee: Liz Haylock

Office Roster: Tess Gibbs

Coordinator of Tutors: Barbara Spagnolo

Newsletter Production: Liew Staras, Frances Langdon