Who was ‘WAZZA’ ……………… ?

A pharmacist by profession and a successful entrepreneur running his own chain of pharmacies, Warren Raymond Trompf, affectionately nicknamed ‘Wazza’ by friends, was an avid table tennis player, passionate bridge player and swimmer.

He enrolled at U3AM when he retired from his pharmacy business in 2007-2008. He believed in our oraganisation’s vision of lifelong learning and our volunteer system of member involvement in running it.

When U3AM relocated to our current venue at The Pines, his commercial experience was invaluable in helping set up new systems and procedures for us.

Warren was actively involved with its activities and courses and in 2009-2010, he was U3AM’s Vice President. He was also a long serving member of our U3AM Newsletter team and the Catering and Functions team. He maintained a keen interest in world affairs and his participation in Current Affairs classes was notable.

Those who have had the privilege of knowing Warren would describe him as a caring and helpful person, always ready to lend a hand, as he did, chauffeuring members to and from some classes. He was ‘sort of a foodie’, enjoyed being in company and never short of a story or two to keep the conversation lively.

In the last 18 months, despite his fight and struggle against his debilitating condition, one trait stood out…. Warren’s positivity in adversity. He maintained his jovial self throughout, and nothing could have stopped him from making his 80th birthday a blast!

He left one message for his friends that is worth noting: “When walking that proverbial extra mile, ……. don’t ignore any signs (e.g. frequent bouts of sneezing/cold, headaches, chronic fatigue, tiredness, etc.), take heed of your body’s cues; don’t be embarrassed to visit your GP frequently.”

Warren passed away on 6 August.

We will remember you and miss you.

Vale, Warren ‘Wazza’ Raymond Trompf!

Anoop Chauhan