New Courses for 2024

The following seven courses will be available for the first time in 2024. For full details, consult the 2024 Course Brochure (available at the office) or on this website at Courses\Course Information:

  • Greek – A Traveller’s Guide to Greece for Beginners
  • Slow Walks with Friends
  • Painting – Watercolour Intermediate
  • Politics – Controversies in 20th Century Australian Politics
  • Computers – Organise, Plan and Budget with Word, Excel
  • History – From History to Science
  • Chess for Fun*

(* The Chess for Fun course in not detailed in the Course Brochure, but full details can be found on the U3A website at Courses/Course Information. Look for ID: 9908-01, Wednesday 1.30-3.30pm.)