New Chess Course Makes All the Right Moves

During last year it was suggested that U3A Manningham could add the game of chess to its program as another ‘mental stimulation activity’.

Alfred Eiden held a meeting in October 2023 to gauge interest in a chess course and 24 people attended. Alfred explained the benefits and principles of the game and the level of competency (from zero to little) required to participate in a beginners class.

The interest expressed at that meeting was sufficient to start a class for 2024 with 12 people enrolled and with Alfred as tutor. The course was called Chess for Fun. Henni de Vries, an experienced chess player, was invited to be co-tutor.

Demonstration game by Alfred and Henni

With a background in engineering, Alfred taught chess methodically during Term 1, commencing with set-up rules, moves of the individual figures and opening moves.

Term 2 will cover mid-game strategies and Term 3 will focus on end-game moves. At the end of Term 3 the participating members will have gained enough skill to play ‘Chess for Fun’.

Participants at play

The beginners chess class is indeed a welcome addition to our U3A program. As class representative, it is evident that 12 enthusiastic members have eagerly embraced this thousand-year-old craft.

We are fortunate to have a tutor such as Alfred who proudly and enthusiastically shares his expertise, which is contagious. Along with other members, I personally cannot wait for my next class.

Dawn Head, Class Representative and Alfred Eiden, Tutor
Chess for Fun