Welcome to a new year at U3A Manningham. As always, our enrolment team (affectionately known as the E-Team) is working hard in the back office to assist members and tutors alike with their varied and sometimes complicated requests. Joan French, our team leader, runs a smooth operation with Frank Lau, Tricia Gilbert, Lyverne Newson and Pam Grehan all ably assisting her.

Members are requested to apologise online for any absences.

This first term, our E-Team has been inundated with emailed requests from members asking us to apologise on their behalf to tutors of their classes. With our membership currently well over 1400, we wish to advise new members and remind existing members that they can and should apologise online or alternatively,  if agreed in the class, send their apologies to their nominated class representative. If you don’t have access to a computer or an iPad, or if it is late notice due to illness, of course, it is OK to phone the office on 9894 5955 and a note will then be placed in the relevant tutor’s pigeonhole.

Instructions on how to apologise online:

  • Log into your MyU3A member profile with your ID number and password.
  • Scroll down and put the dates in the absence line, e.g., 3/3 to 3/3 for one day’s absence, or 3/3 to 17/3 for two weeks’ absence, and so on. Remember that the dates are inclusive.
  • You will then be taken to a screen page where you can untick any class you do not wish to apologise for during this period so that only the relevant class remains ticked.
  • After doing this, you will be taken back to your profile page.

Updating Profiles

We also ask you to please update your profile if there have been any changes to your home address, phone number/s or emergency contacts since last year. You may update changes online or at the office.

To update changes online:

1. Log into MyU3A via our U3AM website.

2. Check under Membership Status 2023 on the opening page, then click on the UPDATE PROFILE button. The Application Form page should appear which allows you to make any necessary changes.

3. When finished, remember to click the COMMIT button; your update is now complete.

A reminder to all members when enrolling in classes online

Please remember to press the NEXT button when enrolling in classes online and then check your profile to ensure that the class/classes have been added. If you have been successful in enrolling, you will receive an automated email confirming you are in the class. If you don’t have an email address, our E- Team will notify you by mail – this is why it is very important to ensure your details are up-to-date.

Best wishes for the remainder of the term and enjoy the benefits of your U3A membership.

Ruth Foxwell

Enrolment Manager