New Courses for 2023

Milly Ching


There are five new courses to be offered in 2023 for your enrolment consideration. For more details, refer to Course Information 2023 on this website.

Milly Ching,

Curriculum Manager                            




Spanish Conversation Advanced

This Spanish conversation class is designed for members who have a reasonable level of fluency and want to improve their Spanish. The class concentrates on extending your knowledge of Spanish beyond the textbook, to practicing real-time speaking, reading and translation.

Tutor: Lucy Carrasco

Thur 03:00pm-04:20pm

Social Psychology

Social psychology is the most fun and interesting branch of psychology. This course will explore social psychology, social class, social interactions and how it is relevant to our daily lives. Everyday examples will be utilized for application and discussion to enrich and enlighten our lives.

Tutor: Josephine Grant 

Tue 11:15am-12:45pm

Chinese Dancing

This course introduces traditional and folk Chinese dancing including various movements and styles. All members are welcome to enjoy this unique style of dancing. No previous experience is required.

Tutor: Hu-Hu Zhao

Thur 11:30am-01:00pm

Computers – Online Selling (Advanced)

In this course you will learn many of the tips and tricks for selling products online. This will include how to list your products for sale on popular marketplaces such as eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. You will learn tips and tricks around communicating with potential customers, how to market your products, shipping products and how to receive payment. Bring your own fully charged laptop, iPad, tablet or smart phone to class.

Tutor: Toby Wallace-Crabbe

Fri  12:00pm-01:20pm

Money Matters and Beyond – A Conversation

This course enables members to share skills and experiences pertaining to the world of money management, finance and investment. This class is facilitated by the tutor in a discussion forum for (invested) members to discuss their experiences in dealing with selected topics such as share market, banking, bonds, cryptocurrency, superannuation, trusts, tax implications of investing options and others. Members should have some prior knowledge of the subject matter to be able to contribute to meaningful group discussions

(Not printed in the brochure)

Tutor: John Liew

Wed 12:00pm-01:20pm