Membership Renewals and Class Enrolments for 2023

Payment of 2023 membership fees

Ruth Foxwell

The membership fee for 2023 is $70. Payment of fees for new or existing members can be made
either online or in person:

A. Online, as from now

Paying online is easy. When you click on the PayPal button, you are transferred to the PayPal system where you can pay your fees either through your PayPal account (if you have one) or by using your credit or debit card.

Within a few seconds of completing the transaction, you will be automatically returned to MyU3A. The whole process takes place in a secure environment where all the data transmitted over

B. In-person, only on the following days:

 Tuesday, 8 to Friday, 11 November, in Room 1 (open from 9am – 3pm)
 Monday, 14 and Tuesday, 15 November, in Room 1 (open from 9am – 3pm)

Course enrolment dates for 2023

16 and 17 NovemberPriority Level 1 for in-person* or online. (Online from 6:30am)
From 18 NovemberPriority Level 2 for in-person* or online. (Online from 6:30am)
From 21 NovemberPriority Level 3 for in-person* or online. (Online from 6:30am)
From 23 NovemberPriority Level 4 for in-person* or online. (Online from 6:30am)
From 24 NovemberAll other levels including new members in-person* or online
(Online from 6:30am)
  • In-person enrolments will be in Room 1, open from 9am – 3pm.

What is your priority level?

If you have a priority level, and this will depend on the extent of your volunteering throughout the year, it will appear on your MyU3A profile. When you login online, you will see a line about halfway down howing your priority score. If you do not see that line, you do not have a priority score recorded which means that you can only enrol from Thursday, 24 November.

There are five different priority levels and if you do have a priority score, you can determine your enrolment level by subtracting the score shown from 5.

For example, if your priority score shows 3, your priority level is 2 (5 minus 3 = 2). As in the past, members’ priority levels will be on display in the outer foyer prior to enrolments

Enrolment limits

Again this year, in an attempt to ensure that all our members are able to enrol in the classes they desire, the maximum number of classes in which a member may enrol initially has been restricted to three. This restriction will be lifted on 15 January, 2023, thus opening up any classes with vacancies to all members. The restriction to three classes does not change the restrictions on individual classes; for example, one strength training class only per member.

Please send any questions regarding enrolments to:

Ruth Foxwell

Enrolment Manager