Service Awards for our Tutors

A Tutors Meeting was held on 28 July and Years of Service Certificates were awarded to our tutors.

David McNamara (President) thanked all our tutors for their dedication and hard work and considered them “the basis of all that happens in U3AM”. He spoke of the value of volunteers and made special mention of Dawn Heffernan, our 30 years service award recipient, as “a legend”, which she definitely is! Barbara Spagnolo (Tutor Coordinator) added, “Dawn’s commitment and dedication is an absolute inspiration to all of us and she is a role model for all women and all tutors.”

Milly Ching (Curriculum Coordinator) and Shirley Fung (Vice President) both echoed David’s appreciation for our valued tutors. Both stressed the constant need for new tutors and courses, reassuring that interested persons will be well supported, if required, and they highlighted that no teaching qualification is necessary to become a tutor. All that is required is a keen and passionate interest in a particular subject/topic and Milly and Shirley are ready to help to develop it into a course.

Service award certificate recipients included the following tutors:-

5 Years: Mary Edgar, Carol Griffiths, Joanne Kelly, Patricia Liew, Lily Ong, Tony Ong, Chris Padgham and Rod Shield.
10 Years: Shirley Fung, Ken Hosking, Lynne Lloyd, Sandra Marshall, Irene Michaelides, Emmy Oakley, Frank O’Neill, Jim Poulter, Lisbeth Wilks and Arta Xenophontas.
15 Years: Tess Gibbs, Yanwen Huang, Gloria Matison and Trish Taylor.
20 Years: David Jensz, Barry Klein, Kay Newcombe, Nena Reid, Corale Taylor, Corale Vercoe and Noel Wright.
30 Years: .. Dawn Heffernan.

Our congratulations and appreciation to all our tutors!

5 year award recipients: Rodney Shield. Lily Ong, Mary Edgar, Carol Griffiths, Joanne Kelly, Patricia Liew, Chris Padgham

10 & 15 year award recipients: Emmy Oakley, Etienne De Lavaulx. Shirley Fung, Sandra Marshall, Paola Flammini, Telmay Dodd. Frank O’Neill, Tess Gibbs, Gloria Matison
20 year award recipients: Barry Klein, Noel Wright
30 year award recipient: Dawn Heffernan being honoured with flowers by Barbara Spagnolo