Seminar: Healthy Ageing and Wellbeing

Alain Young, an Allied Health Professional from Equip4Life, will cover the latest health and wellbeing information on topics such as: The 7 keys to healthy ageing; The truth about full fat dairy, red wine and more; How to achieve your healthy weight and waist; The secret to strong bones and better balance; Stress, sleep and brain health; Optimum nutrition for ageing well; Simple, quick and healthy recipes provided.

Class ID:        09887-01

Presenter:     Alain Young

Date:              Wednesday, 6 September 2023

Time:              3:00 –4:00pm

Venue:           Room 13

Enrol for the seminar online or at the office.

Following this presentation, a free Victorian Government funded Healthy Ageing and Wellness Course is available for members who are interested to join. The Course will be held at The Pines, on Wednesdays, 9am – 10:20am on weeks 1 and 3 in Term 4. (More details will be available at the presentation.)

Pauline Di Natale,

Seminars and Workshops Coordinator