Presenting New Tutor, Maryann Liethof

Maryann Liethof is the tutor of a new course, Dancercise: I Like to Move It.

Her course offers a combination of exercise and dance moves that will give participants an all-round workout. It is a fun way to maintain fitness, balance and coordination, with some games and group work thrown into the mix.

Prior to retiring in 2019, Maryann worked in the community sector for more than 30 years. Having left school early, she returned to university to study Counselling and Community Development in her early 30s. Maryann still volunteers as Board Secretary and e-zine editor for Polio Australia, the organisation she helped establish and manage in 2008. She also volunteers for U3AM in the office and sits on the Office Sub-Committee.

Maryann had dreamed of travelling and enjoying various courses at U3AM when she retired, but COVID-19 put all that on hold. When U3AM reopened, she took up Walking for Fitness, Sculpture Self-help, and Dance to the Beat. She quickly realised that all the activity classes filled quickly and decided that her years of participating in exercise, yoga, Pilates, and various dance classes, might be put to good use.

“U3AM’s activity-based classes are always so popular, I had trouble enrolling in them. So I decided to try running one myself. The constants in my course are music and movement but expect some exciting surprises as well!”

Dancercise: I Like to Move It  will run for the first time in Term 4 of this year.

Shirley Fung,

New Course Coordinator