Is AFL Football a Topic for Current Affairs??

David Jensz

There has been at least one Current Affairs class at U3A Manningham ever since the first week of classes in 1991. Every year, some members of the class argue that AFL is not ‘real current affairs’. However, no one ever dozes off when AFL football is being scrutinised and there is always plenty of participation.

The Jamie Elliot goal on Sunday, 21 August must go down in history as ‘real current affairs’. The goal was kicked with seconds left and changed so much for so many people.




Top 9 AFL clubs’ standings:-

Before the Elliot KickAfter the Elliot Kick
8Carlton52108.7%W Bulldogs48108.9%
9W Bulldogs48108.9%Carlton48108.3%

No real harm was caused, no country was invaded, no material damage occurred, no floods, no
fires and the positive side of sport was put on show. However, please be nice to Carlton
supporters until the end of September!
David Jensz