Heart Disease

[Enrolments for these talks have now closed. This post is just added for reference.]

Heart disease is by far the commonest cause of death in Australian adults and the term ‘heart attack’ is used frequently in the media, but do you actually know what it means, how it might affect you and what you can do to avoid it? These two sessions will explain in lay terms exactly what heart disease and heart attack mean, how and why they happen, what the main risk factors are and how best to minimize your risks. Presented by a local Cardiologist with over 30 years experience in the field.

Title:                     Heart Disease

Speaker:              Paul Kertes

Dates:                  Thursdays, 27 July and 3 August 2023  

Time:                     12:00-1:00 pm

Location:             Room 14, Pines Learning Centre

Class:                    9876-01

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-You will need to enrol online or fill out an enrolment form at the office to join this talk. I cannot enrol you.

-Please note that the subject of this talk will be relevant to many of our members and as it is held on-site ONLY and NOT recorded, I would appreciate if only one member of each family enrol so more members can then benefit of this talk.

Pauline DiNatale,

Monthly Talks Coordinator