From the President

I know time flies when one is having fun but where did Term 1 go?  It seems as if we just started and here we are already into Term 2.

New Courses

Exciting things have occurred with many new courses being offered and, in some cases, filled within a day!  This indicates members are game to try new ‘adventures’, but it also says that we need more programs to fill this ‘hunger’. This is an opportunity for anyone with an interest, idea or hobby that they would like to share, to contact the New Course Coordinator, Shirley Fung, or any member of COM, by leaving their details at the office, and they will help you devise a program to share that interest. Remember that not all of our courses have to be long term ones. Our regular stand-alone talks, featuring a whole host of different speakers ably organised by Pauline Di Natale, have been most successful.

U3AM website, get familiar with it!

Please note that our U3AM website: is updated regularly and it’s the place to find the latest information on the goings-on in our organisation. It is wonderful to see that many members who have not been able to attend classes for personal reasons can still use our website to keep in touch.

Annual General Meeting

The recent AGM was an exciting one where 3 newly elected members were welcomed to the Committee of Management. Also, awards to 3 of our distinguished and long-serving members were made. Congratulations to all. A report on the meeting is featured in this newsletter.

Health Reminder

An important reminder that with winter approaching, let us continue to be aware of our own health and the impact it may have on our U3AM community and not attend classes if we are feeling unwell. We are all still vulnerable.

I look forward to Term 2 activities with great optimism.

David McNamara