Enrolment Matters

Prepayment of 2024 Membership Fees 

  • For members who wish to pay online, prepayment of membership fees for 2024 commences from Monday, 23 October 2023.
  • For members who wish to pay in person, bookings for assistance with prepayment of membership fees for 2024 can be made at the office from 1 November 2023. The actual prepayment of fees at the office will then commence from Monday, 13 November to Tuesday, 21 November. Cash, credit card or cheque payments will be accepted.
  • Further details on Course Enrolments (online and in person) will be available in the November newsletter.

A reminder to all members

When communicating with U3AM, members need to be aware that:

For all enrolment related matters, either

  • Use the email address: enrolments@u3amanningham.org.au which is monitored from Monday to Friday during term time by members of our data entry enrolment team (our E-team, see below),


For all administration related matters, use email address:   manunipines@u3amanningham.org.au monitored by the Secretary to the Committee of Management.

Meet our Enrolment Team (The E-Team)

                      Left to right: Joan French (is on duty on Mondays), Frank Lau (Tuesdays),

                      Tricia Gilbert (Wednesdays),  Lyverne Newson (Thursdays), Pam Grehan (Fridays).

Ruth Foxwell,

Enrolment Manager