Summer School 2023

U3A Manningham got off to a great 2023 start in January with close to 160 members participating in a range of activities during Summer School. We had strong attendances at both Strength Training and Chair Based Exercise classes. These classes were run by Marg Dawdy and Sandra Marshall respectively, and we really thank them for this.

Fun Trivia returned this year with 25-30 members working in teams of 5 or 6 to see who could recognise the most tunes from our youth, famous Australian faces, travel destinations, or remember their history, geography, science or general knowledge. There was lots of laughter and the inevitable debate over one or two questions – but all was in good fun.

Joan Kelleher presented Ancient Egyptian History; Michael Howard led Current Affairs classes; and I hope members enjoyed my talks on The Voyage of the Endeavour, and botanist/explorers  Joseph Banks  and Joseph Hooker.

Jim Poulter led excursions to local indigenous sites on Thursday mornings, and a group of members enjoyed an outing to the picturesque Mont de Lancey historic homestead in Wandin.

In addition to acknowledging the hard work of our Summer School Tutors, we also thank our volunteers who ensured access to the classrooms and office. Thanks to all the rest too, who helped make Summer School 2023 a success.

Liz Haylock

Summer School Coordinator