Q & A with Spanish Course Tutor, Lucy Carrasco

Lucy, thank you for volunteering to be the tutor of the Spanish Conversation Advanced class. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your professional background.

I emigrated to Australia with my family (husband and three children) from Chile in 1986. Back in Chile, I had a background in banking, and here in Australia, I worked in a freight- forwarding company until my retirement.

What motivated you to become a tutor?

Shirley Fung suggested and convinced me to run an advanced level Spanish class. I realised then that there was a need for people like me who want to maintain our language skills and for others to improve and practise what they already know.

Could you describe your course to help our members decide whether they are at a suitable level of Spanish to join the class?

This course is for people with a good level of Spanish. It provides them with the opportunity to continue to immerse in the language and its applications and to understand the language and the Spanish culture.

What do you focus on in Spanish conversation?

Essentially, it is a conversation class. Therefore, for each session, we select articles on a subject that we read and discuss, using digital media as support.

Shirley Fung,

New Course Coordinator