Leadership and Governance Workshops

Need help in building the capacity of your U3A?

Each year U3A Network Victoria’s team runs two Leadership and Governance workshops.
We use the principles found in our U3A-developed Building Community Engagement program as a basis. Many U3As have participated in either the program or the workshops over the past six years that this has been running- some on a one-off basis and some attend each one.
The program is currently being revised into a two-year cycle for the five elements so that your committee members and future leaders can plan more easily.
Where possible and appropriate we include aspects of digital inclusion to support your work.

This year’s topics are: 

August 24 – Know Your U3A
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September 28 – Your committee and how to run it.

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The above sessions are two parts of a series of programs through the BCE program.
Facilitators: Glen Walls and Kellie Massouras