Aveo and U3A Manningham Collaboration

Aveo Group is an Australian company that owns, operates and manages multiple retirement and aged care communities across Australia. At the end of Term 2, Craig Green, the Aveo Group Community Engagement Manager, sent us a request to discuss partnership opportunities between Aveo and U3A Manningham. His aim is to drive social connection and opportunities for the Aveo independent living residential communities with the broader local area, and to also connect and partner with local community focused bodies, such as ours.

Based on my discussion with Craig, we both agreed that, given the current COVID-impacted environment, both parties could benefit from a two-way connection.

An information session about U3A Manningham was organised for 6 September at the Aveo Roseville facility in Doncaster East.

My presentation focussed upon our mission to provide accessible and affordable educational, cultural, physical and social opportunities appropriate to the needs of retired and semi-retired people, our historical past, and the courses and activities we offer our members. It is hoped that the information we provide will induce the residents of Aveo communities to avail themselves of the benefits that we as members enjoy.

The presentation stressed upon the importance of maintaining physical and mental health through social connection with larger outer communities such as U3A Manningham.

The meeting was well attended. Two of our music groups, The Guitar Club and The Multi-Instrumental Club provided entertainment. They played songs that invited the audience to sing along. Our thanks to tutors, John Liew and Peter Simondson, and their teams for the performances that everyone enjoyed.

The presentation was followed by afternoon tea. Thanks to Craig Green for organising the event which will be the first of many collaborations between both organisations.

Shirley Fung

Vice President and New Course Coordinator

Enjoying the music together – some residents and our U3AM members.
Members of U3AM entertaining the crowd.