U3A Manningham Email Addresses

When communicating with U3AM, members need to be aware that:

For all U3AM administration related matters,

Use email address: manunipines@u3amanningham.org.au which is regularly monitored by the Secretary to the Committee of Management at U3AM.

For all enrolment related matters, either

– use email address: enrolments@u3amanningham.org.au which is monitored Monday to Friday during term time by members of our data entry team


– use email address: enrolmenthelp@u3amanningham.org.au which is monitored by the Enrolment Manager.

Also, please note that the Enrolment team DOES NOT enrol members in classes via these emails. If a member wishes to either enrol or withdraw from a class, they must do so by logging into their profile with their ID number and password or complete the appropriate form at the office.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Ruth Foxwell

Enrolment Manager