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The Manningham U3A 2021 Annual General Meeting

The 2021 Annual General Meeting was held in the Pines Function Room on 28 April 2021 and chaired by the President, David Jensz.

David Jensz welcomed U3AM members as well as the following guests:

2020 Annual Report
David Jensz tabled the 2020 Annual Report available at


The following awards were presented:

  • Life Membership:
    This was conferred on Graeme Martin at the 2020 AGM but he was not able to be presented at that time.

    Graeme Martin with David Jenz

  • Certificates of Appreciation Zoom:
    Colleen Danaher, Joady Barnes, Heather Price and Barbara Spagnolo were awarded Certificates of Appreciation for organising and training tutors and members on the Zoom system which enabled so many of our classes to be held.

  • Certificates of Appreciation - QR System Monitors:
    Susan Webster (who presented the awards), Barbara Spagnolo,
    Colleen Danaher, Joady Barnes and Heather Price

    A team of monitors were trained to assist members to log onto the QR System. Many fewer members would have been able to attend classes had we not been able to use this system.
    Certificates were awarded to Moira Axtens, Joady Barnes, Ann Bruce, John Caine, Elaine Campbell, Leaw Cheng, Sok Cheng, Quintin Coutinho, Colleen Danaher, Lily Erle, John Foong, Barbara Hall, Ken Hosking, Mitzi Hosking, Andrew Lee, Imee Lee, Annamaria Marchese, John Millard, Paul Pezzin, Chris Roff, Terry Smith, Lucy Tay, Warren Trompf, Rocky Valente, Dawn Walker, Lyn Welsh, Pam Whitfield, Ron Wilson, Marion Winchester, Ronnie Winchester and Liz Wood.

    As well, David Jensz acknowledged the wonderful contributions of Heather Ambrose and Moira Axtens who have just retired as tutors. Flowers were presented to them by Milly Ching and Margaret Dawdy

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    Moira Axtens, Margaret Dawdy, Heather Ambrose and Milly Ching


    New Constitution
    Prior to the meeting, David Jensz circulated the proposed updated U3A Manningham Constitution to the Committee of Management and advised all U3AM members of the suggested changes. The new Constitution is based on the Model Rules which apply to incorporated associations, with some 20 additions and changes to bring it into line with the requirements of U3A Manningham. The updated Constitution was approved and accepted by the meeting.

    Financial Report 2020/21
    As the Financial Report for 2020/21 has not yet been approved by the auditors, it was moved and agreed that the Financial Report will be tabled at a Special General Meeting to be held within the next few weeks.

    2021/22 Committee of Management

    The Committee of Management for 2021/22 was elected as follows:
    President David McNamara
    Vice President David Jensz
    Treasurer Ron Wilson
    Secretary Lyn Davies
    Communications Manager Jillian Gange
    Curriculum Manager Milly Ching
    Enrolment Manager Warwick Wright
    Equipment Manager Terry Smith
    Office Manager Robyn Buttling

    Alita Mossop, Ian Gorman and Quintin Coutinho were all thanked for their wonderful service to our U3A.
    The new President, David McNamara, acknowledged David Jensz’s leadership over the last two years and thanked all U3AM members for their participation