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Tutor Luncheon 27 July 2017

In the absence of our President (Geoff Sheldon) and Tutor Coordinator (Maureen Mitchell), the official duties at our Tutors Luncheon on 27 July were carried out by our Vice President, Michael Howard, and Curriculum Coordinator, Milly Ching.

The luncheon provided an opportunity for us to thank our wonderful tutors and for them to spend time with their friends and colleagues.



Certificates of Appreciation for long and enthusiastic service were awarded to the following:

Fifteen years: Hazel Ferguson, Ross Henderson, David Jensz, Helen Kearton, Barry Klein, Nena Reid, Coral Vercoe, Noel Wright.

Ten years: Helen Anderson, Sandra Dean, Lynne Deans, Tess Gibbs,Tony Heyes, Yanwen Huang, Trish Taylor.

Special mentions to Dawn and Neville Heffernan (26 years), Linda Chin, Jan Palmer (24 years), Heather Ambrose, Moira Axtens (23 years), Lesley Catt (21 years). 

As well, a Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Bryan Kelly for the design and manufacture of a cabinet specifically for the Calligraphy class.

More photos from the AGM are available in the Photo Gallery.










2017 Annual General Meeting - 15 March 2017

President - Geoff Sheldon opened the 26th Annual General Meeting of U3A Manningham welcoming those present including Cr. Michelle Kleinert, Mayor of Manningham, and Cr. Anna Chen.

In his report on the 2016 year, Geoff thanked the many volunteers without whom our U3A would be unable to function. He noted the success of the MyU3A enrolment system which has continued to evolve and to be embraced by our members.

Geoff commented on the very successful 25th Anniversary celebrations, as well as our involvement in the community. He noted that we were fortunate in being awarded three grants during the year which will be beneficial to our organisation.

Geoff’s full President’s Report is available here.


Financial Report
Treasurer, John Liew, reported that the strength of our financial position is a result of our strong membership base, and especially the tireless volunteers who give thousands of hours of their time and effort in the operations and administration of our U3A organisation. This vast amount of volunteerism has meant that we have been able to maintain a relatively low level of operational costs of labour to our escalating costs of accommodation rentals.

Our strong financial position will continue to see our U3A provide the types of services that our members have come to expect in the years ahead.



Diane Baird has made an enormous contribution during the past 14 years. She was presented with the Distinguished Service Award for her outstanding contribution as a member of the Committee of Management with responsibility for Publicity & Publications for three years, as well as editor of our newsletter from 2012 to 2016. Diane was responsible for many important innovations and continues to be involved in various areas throughout our organisation.

Committee of Management Membership
Geoff thanked retiring Committee Members, Milly Ching (Curriculum), Jeanette Shaw (Office Manager) and Frank Walton (Equipment Manager).

Secretary, Alita Mossop, advised that an election was not required as the number of nominations received was equal to the number of positions vacant. All positions were filled as follows: President: Geoff Sheldon; Vice-President: Michael Howard; Secretary: Alita Mossop; Treasurer: John Liew; Committee Members: Jillian Gange, Joan Creber, Robyn Buttling, Terry Smith and Warwick Wright.

Thanks to AGM Organisers
Geoff thanked Graeme Martin and his team for helping to set up the room as well as the catering volunteers for providing a delicious lunch.

The Meeting was followed by a short Future Directions Forum.

Future Directions Forum
The Future Directions Forum provided members with an opportunity to raise issues of concern, all of which will be discussed by the Committee of Management.

More photos from the AGM are available in the Photo Gallery.