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2018 Annual General Meeting – 14 March 2018 - A Snapshot

President, Geoff Sheldon, opened the 27th Annual General Meeting of U3A Manningham, welcoming those present including Cr. Andrew Conlon, Mayor of Manningham City, Cr. Anna Chen and Ms Elsie Mutton OAM, Acting President of U3A Network Victoria.
In his report on the 2017 year, Geoff noted the tremendous contributions of organisations such as our U3A to the mental, physical and social well-being of senior citizens. He thanked the Committee of Management, tutors, activity leaders, class representatives and all other volunteers whose hard work and diligence ensure our U3A continues to function efficiently and effectively. Geoff also acknowledged and thanked the Manningham City Council for its ongoing and strong support for our U3A.
Geoff commented on the highlights of the 2017 year which included a change to the organisation’s policies, the continued success of the MyU3A Membership Management System, grants received, extensive community involvement, and recipients of the Menzies Award (Alita Mossop and Telmay Dodd).
The full President’s Report is available here.

Financial Reportpres-tres

Treasurer, John Liew, gave a detailed presentation on our financial position for the 2017 year of operations, noting our outgoings exceeded income, resulting in a deficit of $35,984.
Whilst this deficit can be mainly attributed to the major cost item of rental and cleaning (of just over $100K), John explained that, as part of an ongoing endeavor, the Future Directions Group has been tasked by the Committee of Management with examining cost reduction measures across our organisation. John responded to the many questions from the floor into the 2017 finances and explained the need to continuously monitor our operational expenditures at all times and for the membership to work together to contain costs.
John assured attendees that we remain financially solvent, that we are cashflow positive, and continue to meet our financial obligations as they fall due. John also advised the meeting that in due course, a report will become available, hopefully in time for the May edition of the newsletter depicting an updated financial position.



David Jenz

David Jensz was presented with Life Membership acknowledging his 18 years’ outstanding service and contribution to U3A Manningham. During that time, David was President for four years, Member of the Curriculum Committee for five years, and a tutor for 15 years. David was also Vice President of U3A Network Victoria for five years.

Charles Morrison

Charles Morrison was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his contributions and efforts of 9+ years to what he said was “something that I loved doing” in caring for and maintaining the display cabinets of the organization.

Committee of Management Election
A ballot was held for the position of Vice-President between the incumbent, Michael Howard, and Bridget Halge. Michael Howard was re-elected.
Ballots were not required for the other single nominations who were returned as follows: President: Geoff Sheldon; Treasurer: John Liew; Secretary: Alita Mossop; Communications Manager: Jillian Gange; Enrolments Manager: Warwick Wright; Curriculum Manager: Milly Ching; Office Manager: Robyn Buttling; Equipment Manager: Terry Smith.

Thanks to AGM organisers Geoff thanked Graeme Martin and his team – caterers, servers and furniture removalists – for their wonderful work in ensuring another smooth running of the AGM.

More photos from the AGM are available in the Photo Gallery.