Understanding Dementia and Preventing Dementia

The University of Tasmania’s Wicking Dementia Centre has developed the following world-leading online courses. The courses are free, easily accessible, and available to everyone with an interest in dementia.

Understanding Dementia - 7 week course commencing on 7 July 2020
Preventing Dementia - 4 week course commencing on 6 October 2020.

For further information, please visit


Manningham U3A Inc. 2020 Annual General Meeting Thursday 28 May 2020

Because of the COVID-19 shutdown and In compliance with our Constitution, the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Manningham U3A Inc. was held at 11am on Thursday, 28 May via Zoom.
The meeting was chaired by David Jensz and 94 members of U3AM attended via Zoom. Also in attendance were:
Cr Paul McLeish, Mayor of the City of Manningham
Mr Kevin Andrews, Federal Member for Menzies
Mr Matthew Guy, State Member for Bulleen, and
Ms Susan Webster, President, U3A Network Victoria
As well, 82 proxies were received. Therefore, there was a quorum for the Annual General Meeting

David Jensz thanked all those who have kept in touch with other members during the shutdown, assisting in keeping the U3A Manningham family informed and involved. A special thanks went to the Tutors who have kept their classes informed by Zoom, emails and telephone calls.
Because the AGM was held via Zoom, comments and questions about the reports were not possible but may be directed by mail or email to the President or Treasurer.
The following business was undertaken: more..

Minutes of the AGM held on 21 March 2019 were forwarded to all members two weeks ago. Acceptance of those minutes was moved by Alita Mossop, seconded by Terry Smith, and passed.
Minutes of the Special General Meeting held on 25 July 2019 were forwarded to members two weeks ago. Acceptance of those minutes was moved by Milly Ching, seconded by Warwick Wright, and passed.
The Annual Report for 2019 has been on the U3A Manningham website for over two months. A motion to receive and adopt the Annual Report for 2019 was moved by David McNamara, seconded by Jillian Gange, and passed.
The Statements of Accounts and the Auditor’s Report for 2019 were forwarded to members two weeks ago. A motion to receive and adopt the Statements of Accounts and the Auditor’s Report for 2019 was moved by Ian Gorman, seconded by Robyn Buttling, and passed.
• Election of the Committee of Management. All positions on the Committee of Management were declared vacant. One nomination for each position was received by the Secretary as follows:
President David Jensz
Vice President David McNamara
Secretary Alita Mossop
Office Manager Robyn Buttling
Communications Manager Jillian Gange
Enrolment Manager Warwick Wright
Curriculum Manager Milly Ching
Equipment Manager Terry Smith

David Jensz declared these members elected to the Committee of Management. No nomination was received for the position of Treasurer. That position will be filled at a later date by the Committee of Management. David thanked the retiring Treasurer, Ian Gorman, for his excellent work on behalf of U3A Manningham.
The announcement of Life Membership to Graeme Martin was to have be made at the AGM in March and was finally made in the May Newsletter. Many congratulations to Graeme. less..

Jillian Gange Communications Manager 30/5/20


Equip4Life Seminars

In light of the COVID-19 Government Restrictions, this free State Government program is now available for any U3A member to participate from their own home, with the choice of telephone (individual) or online Webinar (group) delivery options. It's a great opportunity for members to stay motivated, focus on their health, and continue learning from home through this State Government Program. These seminars also cover topics which can help improve health conditions that may assist in reducing vulnerability to COVID-19.  

With the latest health information available and free literature provided, this may be an opportune time for members to participate in these seminars. This course is also a great chance for members to stay engaged with others, as there is the option for anyone interested to join in along with other U3A members for internet based video education sessions (eg. live Webinars). Alternatively, those who prefer an individualised approach can access private consultations via phone / FaceTime.  All this, whilst not having to leave home. This free course is available immediately. Below is an image with details of this course, with the option for members to register by either phoning the number listed or completing the expressions of interest form and emailing it back to us on the email listed.

Now may be the perfect time to participate in this free course.


Milly Ching
Curriculum Manager


U3A Manningham 2020 Photography Competition

No, You are not asked to get out your cameras and take to the highways and byways.

Instead, how about spending some time thinking about all those wonderful trips you have taken - around your area, throughout Australia and all over the world. Search through your photos and choose the best for the U3A Manningham 2020 Photography Competition. Please see the details below:

Topic:  Our Wonderful World

Submit up to 3 photographs to

The photographs can be of anything: scenery, buildings, local people (but not you or your travelling companions). Please name the location.

The competition commences on 16 April and finishes on 15 June. 

All photographs will be put onto the U3A Manningham website. If you would prefer that your name not appear, please let me know.

Once the competition closes, Members will be given three weeks to vote for their favourite photo (only one vote per person).

If you have any questions, please contact me on

Good luck!

Trish Gilbert, 15/4/20


2019 U3A Manningham Annual Report

Although the Annual General Meeting has been postponed to a date to be determined, the 2019 U3A Manningham Annual Report has now been emailed to all members.

Suspension of all U3A Manningham classes

The Committee of Management has decided to cancel all classes from and including Monday 16 March until further notice


Information on how to communicate Enrolment problems  

Our Enrolments Team is very happy to assist Members with any enrolment problems they may have. However, it is important that enrolment queries only be communicated in either of the following two ways:

  • By leaving a handwritten message at the U3A office. Such a message must be written on a message form (available at the office) which must be dated and signed. The office personnel will ensure that the message is put into the appropriate pigeonhole. Please note that only messages that are signed and dated will be followed up by the Enrolments Team.
  • By email using either of the following U3A Manningham enrolment email addresses:

  • General enrolment email address - To be used for all queries regarding classes, waitlists, enrolling in or withdrawing from a class (when this is not able to be actioned by the member online), applying for a refund, updating contact details including changes of email addresses. Also Tutors wishing to close or increase the size of a class.

    Enrolment Help email address - To be used for queries or problems members and/or class reps may have regarding enrolments or marking rolls online, as well as any other enrolment assistance required. Enrolment Help acts as an assistant to the Enrolments Officer.

If your enrolment queries are submitted in either of these ways, they will be received and acted upon promptly.



Membership Fee Refunds

We are always sorry when members are unable to attend their selected classes. If that does occur and you wish to apply for the refund of your membership fee, a request may be submitted at any time during the membership (calendar) year.

Please note that a member will only be eligible for a membership fee refund if he/she has not been accepted into any classes in which he/she has enrolled and is not currently in arrears on any fees payable to U3A Manningham. As well, special or extenuating circumstances (especially early in the membership year) may be considered and must be submitted in writing to the Treasurer either by email ( or a letter which can be left at the office.

Membership refund forms are available from the office or may be downloaded here or from the Course Information Page. Please ensure that the form is properly completed and signed and contains sufficient information for the request to be assessed and processed effectively.

Once a refund has been approved, the membership is revoked and the person will be removed from all waiting lists and will cease to be a member of U3AM, and therefore, will no longer be eligible to attend any classes or organised events of U3AM. Upon membership cessation, a new application will have to made should you decide to rejoin in the future.



Code Red Fire Danger Rating – Cancellation of all U3A Manningham Classes
The Pines Learning and Activity Centre is now a designated Manningham Emergency Relief Centre. As such, Manningham Council has priority use of the building during a declared emergency.
Following declaration by the Victorian CFA of a Code Red Fire Danger Rating in the Central district (Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding areas), all U3A Manningham classes will be cancelled automatically, without notice, in all locations until the emergency has ceased.
The U3A car park at The Pines will be closed to the public during this time.
Updated information regarding emergency situations is available on the CFA website (, on local ABC 774 and commercial radio stations, on Sky News TV, and on the Victorian Bushfire Information Line (1800 240 667). Members should stay informed, follow the advice given and not make unnecessary trips.