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Latest Newsletter - March 2021

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U3AM at Home

Staying Fit and Well Exercises for All
Your Genes and More Entertainment Online
Quiz Corner Darkest Days in Aust History
Creative Writing Enjoy, travel, reminisce online
Quiz Corner Answers US Elections 2020
Exponential Growth Keeping Busy- Art
Exponential Growth Calculation Movie Club Quiz
Family Research Movie Club Quiz Answers
Étudier la langue française Safer Smarter Road Use
Animal Quiz Animal Quiz Answers
Readings in Australian History The Spanish Flu
A Message About Art Grammar Questions
Introduction to Dickens Pandemic Poems
Momentous Decisions-Internet and WWW Punctuation Rules
Gentle Pilates-Posture and Stretching Old Tone’s Senior Exam questions
Answers to Old Tone’s Seniors’ Exam Much Ado About Nothing Part 1
Much Ado About Nothing - Part 2 Momentous Decision - Partition of Palestine
Blue Zones-Where People Live to be 100+ Our Cosmic Significance: A Reason for Optimism Amid Pandemic Gloom
Dunnies, Durries and Dropkicks WWII - Recall of Australian Troops
Historical Figures in Mathematics - Part 1 Covid Masks Poem
The Calculation of PI - Zu Chongzhi - Part 2 Scamwatch
Ancient Egyptian History Quiz Corner-September 2020
Quiz Corner September 2020-Answers Historical Figures in Maths-India
Introduction to Sketching Historical Figures in Maths - India 2
Time Travelling Current Affairs Summary
Complete Your Book in a Year Historical Figures in Mathematics - Part 5
Animals Behaving Strangely Family Research-Using the Web
Reattribution of Art A Close Encounter of the Kangaroo-Thump Kind
Historical Figures in Mathematics Part 6 The Story of Eyam
U3AM and Donvale Bowls - Proactive Thinking Helps Both Arabic and Persian Mathematics - Part 3
The Unification of Italy Looking Back on Lockdown
Historical Figures in Maths - Mayan Scandinavia of the South- Percy Grainger
Historical Figures in Maths - Part 9. Blaise Pascal Dyscalculia by Katelin Farnsworth submitted by Dawn Wright