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For the latest 2017 Course information see the 2017 Courses Information section on this page.

A brochure in print format for the 2017 Courses is here (updated 7/12/16).

Annual membership fee:
2017 full membership fee $60 (no pro rata)

NOTE: New members must be aged 55 years or over and may be asked to show proof of age.

Members of Manningham U3A may enrol in classes subject to some restrictions.
Since the U3A is founded on the policy that members volunteer their services, you will be invited to nominate the type of contribution you might like to make.
Members who fulfil volunteer tasks are entitled to enrol earlier than others for the following year. Click here for information on Volunteer Categories (updated 7/11/16).

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(Note: payment can be made online using Paypal or credit card.)

Apply for a 2017 Membership and Enrolment Application form by ringing 9894 5955 or by calling at the office (The Pines Living and Learning Centre 2/520 Blackburn Road, Doncaster East) during term office hours( 9am- 3pm),

Summer school (January 2018)

Information on Summer School Classes is now available.Note that Enrolments open on Monday 11th September.
Please note there is a $10 administration charge for the Summer School.

Members will be able to enrol online from Monday 11th September.

To enrol in classes online, members must login and select the Classes 2017 button on the bottom of their membership status page. Summer school classes are displayed as 2017 term 5 classes. A Request check box will be shown when enrolment opens.

For those who do not wish to enrol online, enrolments and payments may be made in person on Monday, 11 September and Wednesday, 13 September. To fit in with classes, these manual enrolments will take place in Room 1 from 10.45am to 3.00pm.

Appointments to enrol in person may be made with office personnel from Monday, 4 September through to Friday, 8 September, during office hours, either in person or by ringing the office on 9894 5955.


2017 Course Information

Classes by Day of the week 2017

Classes by Category 2017


Whilst we would like every member to be accepted into the classes of their choice, this is sometimes not possible.  Some classes fill up quickly and waiting lists are formed. 
If you are placed on a waiting list for every class you have chosen, you may withdraw your membership by applying for a refund at any time. 
Other classes where the format is progressive may be closed to new comers beyond a set date.

Classes are held in a variety of venues. Check the course venue page for details including Google map and Melway references.


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