About Us

Our History

Manningham University of the Third Age (U3A) was formed following a meeting initiated by the then Doncaster & Templestowe Council and commenced activity in October 1991 when 12 classes were offered to about 35 members.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide accessible and affordable educational, cultural, physical and social opportunities appropriate to the needs of retired and semi-retired people.

Committee of Management

Geoff Sheldon President
Michael Howard Vice-President
Alita Mossop Secretary
John Liew Treasurer
Jillian Gange Communications
Milly Ching Curriculum
Warwick Wright Enrolments
Terry Smith Equipment
Robyn Buttling Office Manager

Our Constitution and Policies

Constitution Code of Conduct Policy Privacy Policy
Anti-Discrimination Policy Accommodation Policy Assistance to Outside Entities Policy
Bullying Policy Conflict of Interest Policy Enrolment Policy
Grievance Policy Health & Safety Policy Membership Policy
Member Awards Policy Risk Management Policy Sexual Harassment Policy
Class Reps Booklet Emergency Procedures

Volunteer System

The U3A worldwide has the policy of engaging its members as volunteers to fulfil all of the administrative and teaching tasks needed to keep the organisation operating effectively.

This practice keeps the annual subscription to a minimum and utilises the rich variety of skills and resources offered by its members.

At the Manningham U3A, we acknowledge our members' contribution by enabling all volunteers to enrol into classes for the following year ahead of others. We are happy to say that most of our members take advantage of this incentive.

Details of tasks for volunteers are provided on the Volunteering Categories document. Please also refer to the Enrolment Priorities for all Volunteer Tasks which provides a description of the various tasks.

Opportunities also exist for members to share their special interests and skills.

Heather Ambrose, Co-ordinator of Volunteers of Manningham U3A, has written a paper on the Recruitment of Volunteers. For details, please click here.

Geoff Sheldon- President
Michael Howard-VicePresident
Alita Mossop-Secretary
John Liew -Treasurer
Jillian Gange-Communications
Milly Ching Curriculum
Warwick Wright- Enrolments
Terry Smith
Robyn Buttling
- Office Manager